Cochlear Limited + Apple Collab

BY: CLAIRE KIM I have to admit, this is one interesting collab. Cochlear Limited is a professional medical device company dealing with the manufacturing of hearing aids. Apple is a technology company centered around innovation and devices for everyday usages. With these two enterprises in a joint project, the expectations for the latest device is high.… Continue reading Cochlear Limited + Apple Collab

A Surprising Positive Outlook from Uber

BY: CLAIRE KIM We've seen Uber in the past few months struggling through multiple internal company problems. CEO Travis Kalanick resigned his position, many employees were involved in scandals and the handicap crisis was also a major issue. With so much chaos going around, I was always skeptical about how this business could move forward.… Continue reading A Surprising Positive Outlook from Uber

New York takes action to fix their mindset towards the homeless

BY: CLAIRE KIM From the beginning of time, my father always loved to help people. On cold winter days, when we passed by red buckets, he would always tell me to drop change in. When I was younger, I didn't understand the reason behind this action, and I was kind of against it at one… Continue reading New York takes action to fix their mindset towards the homeless

A Change for Google Glass

BY: CLAIRE KIM Many companies in the tech industry tend to look ahead of themselves beyond customer's expectations. We have smartphones, smart TVs, smartwatches, and now we're getting introduced to the next big thing. Smartglasses. I definitely heard about Snapchat's smart sunglasses Spectacles, which in my opinion sadly, are not that impressive to me. I think… Continue reading A Change for Google Glass

Hoot, Hoot, come aboard on the Hyperloop One

BY: CLAIRE KIM I remember hearing about this amazing tube that would spend millions and millions of passengers across the globe to their desired destinations. Back then, my imagination was so limited that I could never even think about the chance of a machine exhibiting such extreme actions. But now it's really starting to come to… Continue reading Hoot, Hoot, come aboard on the Hyperloop One