Bringing back beauty​ to those by eating


I see myself as a healthy person. I exercise often, I sleep really well, but most of all, I eat lots of food. Food is essential. Not just from my perspective, but literally the entire world. I can’t help but feel awful when the people around me surround themselves with ideas that deteriorate their bodies. I do in fact have one friend who suffers from anorexia, and it’s so heartbreaking. To hear that someone’s health is suffering because they’re not eating is just devastating. I really do believe this topic should be more seriously recognized.

When I heard that Netflix, was going to release a TV series centering around the topic of this eating disorder, I was actually quite nervous. I’ve heard but never watched “Thirteen Reasons Why”, simply because I felt that they revamped the idea of suicide and other issues way too much. It’s not appropriate for tv broadcasts to influence teens like me and youths, that suicide is just a small little accident that isn’t life-changing. Because hate to break it, but it is.

TV entertainment tends to steer away from the realistic point of things and exaggerate on nonsense. It’s sad but true. It was a breath of fresh air though when I heard about this new movie, “To the Bone”, that actually doesn’t romanticize disorders for entertainment purposes.

I honestly think this film has the potential to capture the audience’s hearts and make us realize how serious some health problems really are. Unlike “Thirteen Reasons Why”, I hope that the big media influence will HELP the world and make eating disorders a more discussed and active topic than it is now.

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