Apple’s unintentional threat


The iPhone has definitely been a prominent gadget over the last decade.

It completely revolutionized our lives by providing our everyday essentials into a compacted digital device. Since the iPhone is so accessible, many people nowadays tend to reach for them rather than household objects such as alarm clocks, wallets, and even cameras. I know from experience, how convenient the iPhone is. It tells us time, what day it is, takes pictures, and even pays for the things we purchase.

It really is no surprise to hear about these household objects slowly fading away from the market. I mean even robots are starting to take away jobs from us…

To many out there, who perceive this growth in technology as just a slight change in our daily routines, we have to realize that once more and more start-ups start to initiate, our lives will take a sharp turn.

Our world right now is so different than what it used to be, that it sometimes alarms me how fast we are moving in the technological era. iPhones will soon no longer be seen as a new innovative creation to many business insiders but instead as a threat.

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