Michigan takes a turn on automation


We all know the state of Michigan, for their automobile business that has been booming ever since the early ages of American automation. Coming from a time when gas-powered cars were the thumbs up, now Michigan has been acknowledging the idea of self-driven cars. I must say they are quite late on the bandwagon, but from what I can see they are definitely working hard to achieve this goal as soon as possible.

The whole nation has been talking about the future of these cars, and it’s no surprise to hear that more than at least five states are racing to finish first. Living in Silicon Valley unintentionally leads me to see the creation of these cars and to be honest I am actually really excited.

From what I’ve read it seems that the development of these cars is not only to aim for safety and more relaxed driving experiences but also to enhance the overall picture of traffic as well. It seems that companies like Ann Arbor are trying to install sensors and data collectors so it can help analyze and improve traffic flow. That’s pretty cool.

When the time comes around for self-driving to be the norm, I wonder how gas car companies will change. I know a lot of companies like Tesla and Toyota who have faced their attention towards electric cars which makes me question, if that’s a good idea or not.

As time passes by we are definitely going to be seeing more and more of these connected cars out roaming on our city streets. It’s amazing how fast our society is growing technologically.

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