California’s education board finally grasps the situation


Being raised in the heart of the Bay Area, off the coast of California kind of makes me biased towards this controversial issue. Of course, it would be nice to let a higher percentage of residents of the state get admitted, but I disagree with the fact that students would only get chosen just because of that. I definitely believe that skill comes before connections, so if this were the case, I want to prominently make sure I am recognized for my capabilities when I apply for college. But don’t get me wrong. I definitely think allowing a higher percentage of resident applicants is in a way fair because if you think about it, a big reason as to why we pay taxes in California is to fund these UC schools. If we Californians didn’t pay our share, then there would be no UC schools in the first place. I think a huge reason as to why people don’t clearly understand this situation, is because they’re not realizing that. It’s so simple. No taxes means NO UC SCHOOLS. So the schools, do have some responsibility to take care of us youths when we venture out to the college application world. I have taken this matter more seriously after confronting a similar issue like this when I was admitted to a Catholic private high school. Many were claiming how it was unfair that the majority of the students chosen were Catholics, but again it’s the same thing. As Catholics, we are expected to donate money which results in the creation of the schools. People just aren’t aware of that fact. I definitely have some greed in attending UC schools, but to be honest schools along the east coast are also just as good. I think what I really want to point out is that the world is not fair, and I know that. Some will think that this is wrong and some will think it’s right, but just to make things easier on you, the correct answer to this problem is to just work hard that way everything will pay off in the future. And my future is just around the corner.

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