Hmm… Alexa


About a week ago, my mom brought a Google Home from her workplace for me to test experience by myself. During the first night, I spent the entire time playing music, asking trivia questions, and just simply hanging out with a cool friend like device. It was fun but only up till there. We’ve had it for over a week now, and the effects are starting to wear off on me. I think I was very interested at first because I’ve never gotten try anything like it. Sadly, the Google Home did not grow on me, and so we are thinking of sending it back.

When I heard about this product called Alexa, I was definitely intrigued. I was stunned to learn that Amazon was in charge of this gadget that was so widely popular throughout the tech industry. For all I knew, Amazon was just a fast free shipping online store that sold a myriad of things. It definitely sparked an interest in me, but I didn’t know if I was really down to try it out.

After a downhill experience with the Google Home, I couldn’t really affirm if Alexa would really be any better.

As I was reading this article, I found myself in yet another surprise. Apparently, by the time I graduate high school, there will be more Alexa devices than the population of humans on this planet! That’s actually insane. By looking at the data collected from all my sources, I can definitely state that Alexa is defined as quite successful compared to the Google Home.

With this in mind, I now have some lingering curiosity to try out the Alexa when I have the chance.


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