Hoot, Hoot, come aboard on the Hyperloop One


I remember hearing about this amazing tube that would spend millions and millions of passengers across the globe to their desired destinations. Back then, my imagination was so limited that I could never even think about the chance of a machine exhibiting such extreme actions. But now it’s really starting to come to life. The name of this company who is working on this mission is called Hyperloop One, and recently they were able to successfully complete their first test.

I was watching the video of their test, and it seemed to go really smooth and the machine exhibited great movement while on the tracks.

I heard that they are planning to build most of the infrastructure by 2021, which means that by the time I do have to leave for college, Silicon Valley may be equipped with these sonic fast bullet trains. I definitely want to ride these Hyperloop One trains at least once in my life, because they do sound quite interesting.

Hyperloop One is bringing new technology and ideas to our industry. We’ve heard a lot about drones, VR, self-driving, robots, and neural networks in the past year, so it’s refreshing to learn about these cool modes of transportation.

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