Air Canada Misbehavior Rant


Not too long ago on July 7th, an Air Canada aircraft carrying over 100 passengers almost collided with two other planes by landing on the wrong runway. While reading about this incident, I was blatantly in shock. With colored lights rimmed along the runway, and radio transmissions being instructed, how is there even the slightest chance that an experienced pilot could miss such a task? From what I know, landing a plane is the most important moment of the flight journey. That’s when pilots have to be focused and on top of things without being even a little distracted. However, the fact that an incident like this did happen especially when all the signals were given is ridiculous. No matter how much I think and think about why this could happen, I don’t end up with any answers. From the passengers on the plane to the passengers getting ready for take-off, it must’ve been a traumatizing experience while not being able to do anything. This incident will definitely cause a huge crisis in Air Canada’s business, and I hope pilots will take matters more seriously while in the cockpit. In a way, pilots are taking responsibility for the lives of the passengers, and not just their own.

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