A Change for Google Glass


Many companies in the tech industry tend to look ahead of themselves beyond customer’s expectations.

We have smartphones, smart TVs, smartwatches, and now we’re getting introduced to the next big thing. Smartglasses. I definitely heard about Snapchat’s smart sunglasses Spectacles, which in my opinion sadly, are not that impressive to me. I think the features are cool and all, but I don’t think it’s worth the $130 it’s marked for. The functionality of it is quite questionable. However, Google, on the other hand, is going towards that functionality track after experiencing this last year.

Google’s smart glasses aka Google Glass is bringing themselves to the worker’s field to let employees experience a different dimension of work. While wearing these glasses, they aim to create a better workspace for workers. I think the audience they are targeting this time, will be a lot more successful since it’s more useful for workers to use Google Glass than celebrities.

Google Glass will no longer mark its name as a smart glass that celebrities wear for attention, but now it will be recognized for the abilities and impacts it has on the general workforce.

I was recently able to wear my first wireless headphones and let me tell you it was quite a sensation. Something I’ve never felt before. I hope Google Glass can bring that same feeling to not only me but to the rest of the consumers who are putting high expectations on this product.


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