New York takes action to fix their mindset towards the homeless


From the beginning of time, my father always loved to help people. On cold winter days, when we passed by red buckets, he would always tell me to drop change in. When I was younger, I didn’t understand the reason behind this action, and I was kind of against it at one point. Now, I understand what being humble is. Humble means by definition “having or showing a modest or low estimate of one’s own importance.” This is exactly who I aspire to be.

Whenever I hear or see sightings of homeless people suffering due to lack of necessities, it breaks my heart. To be unequipped with even the bare essential of a home, a shelter, a permanent place to survive is terrible and unimaginable.

The most common places where homeless people can be spotted are most likely urban places such as New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago. With an overcrowded population in such a small area, it creates more homeless people. I am relieved to hear that cities like this are taking action after finally noticing how big the problem is.

New York City has recently been in the making of creating more shelters for these homeless people in various locations within the big urban city. They have also changed their regulations on aiding help to homeless people by basically stating all homeless people are the same and whoever needs help gets help. I can see they’re trying to forget discrimination. The city is moving forward in a positive direction, and I hope other cities will start to catch a glimpse of that.

I know for many this topic is very controversial. Some may believe that homeless people don’t deserve aid and others may believe they definitely do. I think people need to realize that survival is hard and without placing yourself into their shoes you won’t understand the degree of how harsh our world can get.

To me personally, I truly think that we as humans, as individuals, as a society have a duty to protect and help one another and we can start by helping the people in need.

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