A Surprising Positive Outlook from Uber


We’ve seen Uber in the past few months struggling through multiple internal company problems. CEO Travis Kalanick resigned his position, many employees were involved in scandals and the handicap crisis was also a major issue. With so much chaos going around, I was always skeptical about how this business could move forward.

I was surprised to hear some great things from Uber that changed my viewpoint. I’m not 100% satisfied with Uber yet, but they do seem to be emphasizing salary equality. Salary equality has always been an issue from the start, as sexism and racism come to play quite a bit.

It’s definitely true that payment rates for women are relatively lower than men. Many companies don’t see this as an issue, in fact, they probably think it’s normal. Our society has created so many great businesses and platforms for innovative technology which opens up many opportunities for young people to work. However, with so much discrimination, it definitely causes an impact on women who have a passion for innovating as well. Of course, women will still not be set at the same bar as men immediately, but improvement is really key here.

It’s honestly upsetting to hear when women managers receive less pay than the average men employee.

With Uber taking a step into common sense, I have very high hopes that other companies will take their action into consideration and start changing the way they operate. Currently, the system is not fair, but I hope women will get the chance to shine and receive better treatment than they are right now. Women empowerment and equality for the win.

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