The Realm of AI in Our Future


AI (Artificial Intelligence) is by far one of the biggest breakthroughs in technology so far. It has established a firm position in Silicon Valley’s industry, luring many tech companies into the trend. We have already heard of robots, self-driving cars, and many other inventions, but it doesn’t seem like we have even started this journey of artificial intelligence just yet. Not only is America working on this, but now news of China’s involvement has aroused many people as well.

From what I’ve read, China is trying to initiate a plan to build a $150 billion AI industry by 2030. Basically, they are trying to be the ultimate global powerhouse for technology in the future. Aiming to beat major companies like Google and Tesla shows their strong will and ambition to really step up their game. The competition is definitely going to become fierce.

Artificial Intelligence gives such a broad spectrum of ideas for creators, so personally, I really don’t think there can only be one company under one country taking over. Although China may be more equipped with resources, I think the US and many other countries still have the power to design AI software and hardware as well. In my opinion, I think that China hasn’t really been showing much progress in the tech industry for a long time, so to suddenly bring up their plan for dominating it is quite alarming.

I’m excited to see how much AI can influence our world, but I hope it doesn’t take a turn and create an unexpected crisis.

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