Cochlear Limited + Apple Collab


I have to admit, this is one interesting collab. Cochlear Limited is a professional medical device company dealing with the manufacturing of hearing aids. Apple is a technology company centered around innovation and devices for everyday usages. With these two enterprises in a joint project, the expectations for the latest device is high. Apple always brings technology with a simplistic value to it, while hearing gears tend to form complex problems with its intricate design. I think the overall shape will be very similar to the wireless earplugs that were made by Apple earlier this year. With a project aimed to aid deaf people, I think this is going to be one great surprise for all of us in the tech world. One thing I was really intrigued about, was the fact that these new hearing aids can play music, and stream sounds not just from surrounding noises. This product will basically be providing a new dimension of sounds for hearing disabled people which is really thrilling to hear. As I said before, I just love the idea of health care and tech combined. It just brings so much excitement. With new ideas and motivation in front of us, we are approaching an era where the palette of answers to our problems comes from technology.

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