The Influence “13 Reasons Why” has on Teens


As a teen, I struggle with many issues. There is puberty, drama, school, and a ton of other factors that create a stressful environment for teens like me every day. Besides these already obvious conflicts, we also sometimes deal with peer pressure, bullying, abuse, and even not understanding our self-worth. There is so much negative energy building up from these problems, that it makes us fall closer to the relentless domino effect of pain. As a teen who has rarely ever experienced such horrific accidents, I can’t say much about what it feels like to go through this journey by themselves. But what I do know is that with every push and poke of a needle, teens like us can lose confidence real quick. NO matter how serious or playful offenders may think it is, harming one’s pride is the biggest blow any teenager can feel. And in the end, suicidal thoughts can slowly ride along with them. While overhearing the controversy about the newest Netflix show called, “Thirteen Reasons Why”, I have rapidly gained more passion and confidence to talk about something that people really need to wake up and realize. “Thirteen Reasons Why”, may initially be recognized for its positive awareness towards suicide, but if you look much closer that’s not really the case. “Thirteen Reasons Why” brings me some negative vibes instead. The one thing I found most disturbing was the fact that the show made teens understand suicide in a way that kind of distorted the original viewpoint of it. The show romanticized the look of suicide, making it seem somewhat pleasant and not as serious as it really should be. This negative connotation is what brought me to this side of the spectrum, and I still to this day don’t see “Thirteen Reasons Why” as a suitable show for any viewers. Even researchers have found a connection between higher suicide searches and the show. People need to realize that suicide is a big BIG thing. Taking your own life is not something that should be seen so naturally and casually.

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