The World’s Largest Vacuum


Innovation and efficiency have been two of the most top trending icons in technology today. We see large companies like Apple, Samsung, Google, and many other competitors seeking these two qualities in their product design that it’s no longer surprising at all. With innovation and efficiency, any product can become useful. Self-driving cars, robots, wireless headphones, these are all examples of products replicating that framework. In the 21st century, we are seeing all kinds of new things being created within the heart of our imagination. Not only are we trying to create new things, but we are also trying to invent products that will help our world become better than today. While keeping those two ideas consistent, I have learned about a new invention that is both innovative and efficient while bringing curiosity within me.

I just watched a video on the newest invention of a smog-free vacuum tower placed in China. It’s created to suck in large portions of smog through a ventilation system and release cleaner sets of air for easier breathing. China has always been well known for its smog-like atmosphere which not only inhibits civilians to go outside but also creates a negative image of the country as well.

With a tower that helps refresh the air we breathe, I think it is both innovative and efficient. To be honest, I really want to see some of these towers in urban cities all over the world, because we have a ton of smog in them as well.

There are so many environmental problems these days such as global warming, pollution, and so much more. We tend to not pay attention to it because we believe it’s not that big of an issue, however, it’s serious. Our bare necessities come from the Earth and so if we don’t take care of our planet we’re just placing ourselves for doom. With this project in action, I hope to see more people start to take care of our planet more and pay attention to the problems we have to deal with it right now.

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