21st Century Healthcare


The 21st-century has brought a lot of amazing surprises to our doors. We are seeing driverless cars, robots, drones, and many other advanced technologies that have been slowly lurking in our lives. What I’ve always wanted to see is the connection between healthcare and technology more specifically (AI; Artificial Intelligence). Now it seems like it’s finally happening.

Babylon Health a startup company created back in 2013, is beginning the new era of 21st-century health care using AI technology and remote telemedicine programs. With these technologies at hand, they are trying to provide a more connected experience between patients and their primary doctors. Patients can also check their symptoms and make sure their well being is golden. By giving patients the chance to receive medical aid through digital access, it will not only be beneficial to both recipients but it will also influence the rest of the health industry as well.

While keeping in mind the risks this system may have, I do find this project to be very interesting and I hope it goes well. I want to see more businesses take this challenge, so that way our future can be more bright and less bleak. Healthcare needs to be taken to the next level.

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