A Plane with no Pilot?


If you knew there were no pilots in the cockpit of the plane, would you still ride it? My answer would be no. There are so many airplane accidents throughout the world already that adding another ambiguous factor can just lead to more dangerous situations. Pilotless planes at first sounded quite exciting, but thinking about all the other issues that may come with the risk makes me less interested in the invention. But I do have to admit, it is a very creative idea. I’m pretty sure the launch of this aircraft will have to wait till everyone even gets a taste of what it’s like sitting in the passenger seat of a driverless car. That enough is hard for some people to accept. One of the biggest concerns I have with pilotless planes is the second-hand emergency plan. When pilots are on board they can manually control and operate the system when in immediate danger, but how would pilotless planes do that? I mean even if they have a scripted plan already in the system, when and how would it know what to do? These types of unanswered questions make me feel less safe, which ultimately, in the end, convinces me not to aboard it in the first place. While as intriguing as it is, I think safety comes first regardless. I mean if normal planes have a higher safety rate than these drones like planes, then wouldn’t you just select those instead? Well, everyone thinks differently, so I’m curious. What would you choose?

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