Men > Women. Why?


Diversity is one of the most highlighted parts of Silicon Valley. With different ethnicities, genders, races, and other features, that’s what makes Silicon Valley so unique and special compared to any other region in America. I feel like not enough people are embracing this idea and it’s becoming a more controversial topic instead. For some reason, people tend to be so stubborn and believe that white men are the prime employees and woman or any other ethnicity should not be as valued. I don’t understand why people especially women have to be so underrated and treated poorly in the tech industry. What do we lack? Facial hair, low voices? Men are really no different than women accept their rank in the hierarchy that society has created from the beginning of history. I just find it rude for people to be so sexist against women, just because they are women. Why are women projected as less than men? Why are women assumed as more anxious and less ambitious? Why are there stereotypes around women that aren’t true? I can ask a million questions but not even one would be answered genuinely. This is our society. I mean if we live in such a diverse area, why are we not more accepting? The pay gap is hard enough for us, but now even spreading prejudice remarks towards us just doesn’t seem right. When I was reading the statement the Google employee made, I was not surprised. I have seen and heard so many shameless cases like this before, it didn’t seem to catch me off guard anymore. I know our society will be stuck like this for who knows how long, but if there is hope and common sense in people, I hope our society changes soon.


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