The Effects of No Net Neutrality



“All men are created equal”

“Equal rights, equal opportunities”

If America is so shaped by this idea of equality, then why is net neutrality getting repealed?

Over the years, our country has established this simple system that distributed high-speed internet access at everyone’s fingertips. With no charge and no discrimination, our country was progressing in such a positive direction, yet obviously, some people weren’t so amused. Net neutrality was the only way for money-making companies to step down from their greed and limit their actions of monopoly amongst the people.

Now that net neutrality has been repealed, the after-effects of this decision are heavily burdened not only on the people but also companies that value internet access as well. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Netflix, are only a few companies that will face some terrible crisis in the near future due to their heavy reliance on the internet. As the demand for the internet begins to reach a substantial amount, internet providers will be landing huge money profits despite their despicable actions.

Although companies will not be experiencing as good of an audience as before, they still, however, will survive. When internet providers ask for a sum of money in return for high-speed internet, companies will automatically start to turn to customers as they raise the prices of certain content, create premium packages, and do whatever they can to dig out money from our pockets for us to receive the internet we desperately need. In the end, we the people, are the ones being scammed and deliberately put into hardships as the money makers laugh and drink champagne.

I also believe that net neutrality will have major effects on schools and learning environments as well. These days, students are carrying iPads, laptops, and other electronic devices to complete schoolwork and other important tasks assigned. Currently, my high school has really been emphasizing the use of electronic devices as it provides better access to learning materials from teachers and other helpful tools that are hard to find. But now with net neutrality at risk, this system may backfire and this era of technology for education will be destructed.

Another important thing to remember is that with no net neutrality in action, the ISP has the power to modify what goes around on the internet. So in a way, they can throw out articles or videos they don’t want and block us from viewing anything that seems to put them in danger. This is not good whatsoever.

Lastly, net neutrality on a global scale will minimize social connections and maximize this division of hierarchy revolving around money. This is something we do not want to see any longer.

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