AI right at your door


Last year all the tech companies were huge on developing this idea of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in their products. Building driverless cars, speakers with an automated response, and even Face ID in the latest smartphones, 2017 was filled with surprises as customers got to experience a new division of reality. Now, in 2018, we are actually going to see some significant changes in our lifestyle inside and outside of our homes.

At 2018’s CES, companies are starting to present fewer physical devices but in fact, they are advertising the upcoming release of AI. Author, Brian X. Chen states, “The real star is artificial intelligence, the culmination of software, algorithms, and sensors working together to make your everyday appliances smarter and more automated.”

As I was reading this article, I learned about some of the newest launches many tech corporations are showing this year. I was intrigued to hear about the home improvements that I’ve always wanted to see such as automatic light switching, home door sensors, and even a virtual lock and key entrance for citizens. Similar to the concept of driverless cars and other earlier products, I’ve been really into this idea of using “sensors” to help initiate an entirely different experience at home. I think customers will find these new ideas very exciting and refreshing as more companies turn to services involving AI.

I remember when everyone used to be fearful of AI in robots as it decreased job opportunities and brought up issues on employment. However, now that companies are looking to use AI for purposes that will actually help our daily lives, it has risen in positivity over the year.

This year, there are so many new projects and ideas to look forward to and I hope that 2018 will be the start of an evolution in tech for AI.

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