A New Generation of Tech Gadgets


Last year, I have seen so many variations of speakers in the tech industry. Google released the Google Home, Amazon released Alexa, and other top tech companies such as Apple and Bose are in the preparation to do so as well. These interactive speakers have not only caught our attention for its wide range of abilities but also its convenience.

I have to admit, after using Google Home for about one month I have come to the conclusion that it is definitely not necessary to own these highly praised speakers. I see these speakers as just a little accessory due to its limited function. When we got the Google Home, I was very intrigued to see how much it could do in competition to the others in the market. Unfortunately, it did not leave a lasting impression on me as I soon forgot about its presence in a couple days. Similarly, my family also did not find it that impressive as well.

Instead of Google Home, I turned towards Siri for information because of its easy access wherever I was. Because the speakers were so bulky and not compatible with the outside environment, it wasn’t something I could use regularly with ease. Since Siri is on my phone, and it does not require any sort of maintenance, it stood out more than the Google Home.

However, from reading this article, my anticipation for the upcoming Alexa releases have been quite outstanding because of its launch for more mobile products. I said earlier how I found it difficult to carry the speaker because of its overall structure, but now that companies have started to use smart interactive processes in products like watches and phones, I believe the sales and interest will increase.

Other than Alexa, I have heard that Apple is deciding to also move in the same direction with Siri being the main source for information. The two companies have definitely grown in size from their beginnings and it’s exciting to see the competition intense this upcoming year.

I’m still not exactly sure why Alexa was seen as such a popular product in 2017, but with the new launches in action, I think Alexa will clearly show why their name in the market is high on the list.

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