NOT Man? Woman? : X


LGBT communities must be greatly satisfied these days as the states are starting to allow the gender “X” to be written on birth certificates. The “X” represents a long list of genders that apply to anyone who suffers from non-gender identification. This list includes bisexual, gay, lesbian, transexual, and more unknown to my knowledge.

There has been so much chaos regarding LGBT rights this past year and it seems like people are starting to understand the complaints the community has against it. This controversy has blown up quite a lot since the beginning of 2017 and the response from the public is slowly increasing with praise and agreement. Personally, I support the idea to give people the right to claim themselves as “X” because it not only gives them the freedom to express themselves but also justify their stance in society without discrimination.

When I was reading this article, I was actually disgusted to hear how LGBT people were treated because of their unknown gender. It disappoints me to witness such terrible misconduct towards these people because they are different from others. I think everyone should be treated equally regardless of what identification they are under.

A couple months ago, I was actually not aware of this controversy going on in our world until huge stars in the music and acting industries had “coming out” moments. To see people this big having the courage to reveal themselves to the public, left a huge impact on how the LGBT community is suffering in our world. I was surprised to hear the number of people who were unable to show their true colors because they were afraid that they would get shamed.

Going back to this topic on the new gender code, I feel like it is a great start to end discrimination slowly without anger and hate. Because I have never encountered and LGBT person in my life, I do not have such a strong opinion on how this controversy should continue. But for one thing, I would definitely agree that allowing people of ALL genders to freely be themselves without hate is such an important movement that I hope our society works towards.

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