Robots at your service


Robots are not only being seen rolling around shopping centers but now robots have come to aid the disabled people under the medical field. In my perspective, I think this is actually a superb idea that will help benefit patients and tech industries. Innovation partnered with health care is something that I was actually hoping to see in the near future.

While robots open doors, bring objects and perform simple tasks patients will not only be able to experience a comfortable stay in hospitals but also a somewhat enjoyable one. Hospitals tend to be so busy and often patients get neglected while doctors are performing other tasks within the building. I think with the help of a small crew of these machines, it will bring better satisfaction to everyone.

I like how we’re stepping out of the zone a little now because robots were seen only as driverless cars for a while, which seemed kind of repetitive.

I feel like robots and AI are such controversial issues in the tech industry. Many people oppose the increase while others support it. In my case, I’m kind of neutral cause in a way it is bringing down jobs but at the same time, it is bringing us towards a more innovative future. Unlike VR gaming headsets, robots at disabled hospitals are definitely more important and will bring a better change in our lives.

With rising interests and hype around robots and AI, our society is bound to be scattered with machines soon enough. Let’s just hope that when our world does change, it changes for the better.

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