How do we overcome phone addiction?


These days, it seems like phone addiction has started to take a toll for the worse. Even with parent surveillance and loads of work, teenagers and adults have strayed from their priorities and lost their sense of reality. Addiction, in general, is already something that most people struggle to overcome, but phone addiction is on another level. I think what really motivates us to be so active on our phones all the time is the bright display reflecting our faces. Because phones are so appealing with its bright colors and flashy patterns, it’s so easy to be enveloped by the captivating screen. When reading this article, I was not surprised to hear how color was the true culprit for our phone addictions. Because color has such vibrant qualities and consistently brings about pigments appealing to the eye, it’s no wonder we get lured to our phones so easily. I think this new grey effect is a smart and practical way for us to easily transition our attention from our phones to more appropriate things that matter in the world. One of the biggest concerns I have for our future generation is our ability to interact with each other. It’s sad to see how dates, movie nights, and friend gatherings are already slowly becoming pointless with everyone constantly being absorbed into their personal devices. Phones have not only been annoying attention grabbers in our generation, but also thieves that have stolen our opportunities to communicate.


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