The Danger Behind Trends


Trends are like black holes.

Once you’re in, it’s impossible to get out.

In today’s society, I have noticed that people, especially teenagers are subconsciously dictated to follow trends. I believe that trends are a marketing strategy that many businesses use to bring customers to buy their products tremendously. In a glimpse of an eye, trends change so frequently which plays a huge role in why we as customers spend so much time and money on making sure we follow all of them. They create this inner desire that makes it hard for us to resist and eventually we are brainwashed into buying their products for no reason. In a way, trends mess with our temptation so much that we, unfortunately, become blindfolded under them without even knowing. What really makes trends so dangerous is the fact that it creates this harsh expectation that everyone in society has to meet up to to be accepted. In my opinion, this doesn’t seem like the right direction our society should go in because it will only bring us farther apart and judgments will become the core of our daily lives.

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