Gun Control Rant


Last week, our hearts broke apart in the United States of America. Hearing the deaths of over 20 young individuals who lived such innocent lives, got me emotional. Because of one man who owned a closet full of guns, the next school shooting occurred in our country. With guns at his hands, he dared to walk into a school on a normal day and murder students and teachers without shame. I think this is wrong and unfair. In my opinion, I think the second amendment should be reconsidered because it’s not the colonial times anymore where people can use it as an excuse for protection. As a matter of fact, the presence of guns is just making deaths increase and protection useless. We are not in an era where guns can be explained through this useless argument. People need to start realizing how dangerous these weapons are to all of humanity. The number of students who die every year through mass shootings is unreal. The fact that the second amendment continues to survive even though it brings nothing but bloodshed to our world gets me really angry. There have been enough deaths in our world and its time we finally stand up and take a call for action against it. Whether it be through protests or petitions, whatever it takes, I hope people will gain the courage to help us fight together to finally reach peace and throw violence out of our world.


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