Which therapist?


This past weekend, a question popped up in my head about the argument of whether AI or human therapists are better. Given that an AI therapist would encompass the same qualities as a human one, would you prefer to be in the presence of an AI therapist or a human one?

For me, I would definitely choose a human therapist over an AI one simply because they understand us better and feel more relatable than a robot. Because robots do not have genuine emotions, they lose an opportunity to really connect with patients on a closer level. On top of that, I believe that there is a higher chance for humans to have gone through similar experiences that patients are struggling with. Trust and reliability are really important as a therapist and I think that robots lack in these departments more than humans. Because robots are programmed through computerized language and not through experiences, they fall short in competition to human therapists that undergo many situations in their lives.

I think it’s really important to notice the possibilities of how close a therapist can get with their patients because, in the end, they are individuals who are paid to help people who need their support greatly. Unlike humans, AI therapists just don’t seem to have that close bonding connection which I feel is crucial to be a successful one.

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