How do trends work?


Although it’s hard to recognize how strong of an impact trends have on our money spending decisions, it’s proven that trends dictate what goes in and out of our wallets all the time.

Trends motivate us to spend an exceeding amount of money to feel like we fit in within our society. In a way, they’re like a bar that sets apart who is accepted and who isn’t.

Businesses all over the world use this as a tactic to make us feel obliged to buy overpriced items that may be of no use in our lives. Hydro flasks are a prime example of the power trends have on us. When we could be saving money for other necessities, we splurge on this water bottle that is priced at a significant amount because everyone else does and society puts them as a symbol of “status”. Although we are fully aware of the expensive cost they are priced at, we deny all the obstacles that block us from purchasing this bottle.

Trends are like blindfolds because they prevent from making wise decisions as they wash out all our common sense and drives us to spend, spend, spend. Without even knowing, after a day full of high-end shopping, the number of bills in our bank account can drop significantly in an instant.

Trends are scary because it pushes us to spend so much money eventually becoming a habitual action every time a new trend appears. In some cases, it can become an addiction, especially for young teens because they look up to their favorite celebrities that constantly advertise certain products until they have no choice but to buy them.

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