High tech retail? Good or bad…


Recently, Amazon has introduced a new project regarding an AI system in its convenience store called Amazon Go. With this technology, the store can complete multiple tasks without having to implement a large mass of employees which a majority of businesses still use today as their modern workforce. I think this method of using robots as a replacement for possible employment opportunities, really negatively damages the society because a greater number of people will have lower chances of receiving a job in this retail industry. Although there may be some benefits from this change, I believe that it will bring a more devastating impact on our society as a whole. It’s already hard enough for people to find jobs and become cashiers, so to establish this system where robots take over these jobs is quite dangerous and could lead to higher rates of unemployment.

Also, as I was reading through the article, I realized that Amazon is already dominating online shopping immensely. Stores like Toys”R” Us, Best Buy, and more are losing their momentum of profit because of Amazon’s relentless efforts to make online shopping the prime way of purchasing items. Some businesses even find the need to follow Amazon’s AI management method to prevent themselves from a potential downgrade.

“They are also trying to prevent Amazon from dominating the physical retail world as it does online shopping.”

So does Amazon really need to take over the business industry for companies that rely on physical retail?

Another concern that has risen up from this topic is the right to privacy. If all the cashier registers, CCTVs and high tech machines continuously scan our every decision and movement when we’re at the store, then loads of data can be collected without our consent and knowledge.

Our era is quickly becoming a digital and AI reliance period and I don’t know if that is a good sign or not? What do you think? Should stores change and become more tech efficient or should we drop this idea and look for other alternatives?

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