How we should measure success


Success can take many forms based on how we as individuals interpret it. Some may argue that it is rooted in the status and honor we receive from the public, while others may find success in the number of zeros that are placed behind their paychecks. For me, success is something that cannot be compared to with such trivial things, but instead can be measured by the amount of progress we make throughout our lifetime. Our life is full of obstacles that hit us when we least expect it. But once we overcome them, then we improve as a person and are becoming better versions of ourselves which are signs of growing success. At any given moment, if someone tells you what their bar of achievement is, don’t feel the need to follow their path because everyone has their own road ahead of them. Society shouldn’t dictate how you perceive success because everyone starts at different places in their lives in various situations. We should continually remind ourselves of how much potential we have to fulfill our dreams instead of looking down and comparing ourselves to others around us. Success shouldn’t be a stamp that tells us we are better than our peers, but instead, it should be a way for us to feel a sense of reassurance that we are in fact changing in a positive direction.

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