Uber finally realizes their mistake


Uber is a peer to peer ridesharing company that provides immediate transportation for customers that may lack public taxis or cabs in their area. By continuously promoting their safe ride service and efficient commute alternative, Uber has shown great success throughout their career until the headlines of their name were connected with sexual offenses. What may seem like a one way trip in a secure car with a qualified driver the reality can be unexpected. Recently, it has been proven that many of their hired drivers are disqualified for having criminal records and not showing an appropriate work ethic. Because Uber fails to recognize their mistake in their hiring procedure, many individuals are found sexually abused and harassed. Customers should not sign up to be treated in this manner and this behavior should not be tolerated any longer. Uber drivers have one job and that is to get us from point A to point B safe and quickly. Uber really needs to learn that hiring just anyone is not okay. I believe that new safety measures should be implemented whether it’s by completing 1 to 1 interviews or performing thorough background checks. Safety should be their number one priority if they really want to survive in this industry. Although many of Uber’s executives have publically announced that they will take action towards this controversial issue, I don’t feel their true determination to really change their company. From what I’ve seen in the past year, Uber has not been showing the best results through their service in comparison to other competitors such as Lyft. This is probably because they are not enforcing explicit rules on how their employees should behave and what is expected of them. Uber needs to realize that their mistake will not be accepted anymore. Because passengers are looking for a fair and secure service that will allow them to commute without any issues or concerns if Uber continues to show an increase in their sexual offenses they should not be supported any longer.

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