Suicide rooted from society’s demands


We all know that suicide is such a painful tragedy whether it’s done by a stranger or a close companion. But did you know that in comparison to a decade ago, suicide rates have been much more prominent than rates of homicide?

In fact, my second home, South Korea has been ranked the second highest country to commit suicide in the world and now even the US is starting to pick up on this devastating trend.

People often feel upset or shaken after a suicide of an individual has occurred. Their hearts are in pain and their minds would become blank as they weep away their sorrows. But the sad reality is that our society and its demands are one of the main reasons for shaping higher suicide rates.

From putting standards on things, marking what’s good and what’s bad, shaming people for being different, putting others down who may not be as fortunate to live as a more successful person, to everything else society dictates us to be is what molds us to find a reason to end our life in the first place.

In my honest opinion, if we want to stop witnessing a great number of suicides in our world, we have to learn that all our judgments have to come to an end.

I know that suicide is not an easy matter to talk about. It’s a sensitive and hard concept to come around. But if anything, I hope our world can bring light to those who need help or guidance in their lives right now and find someone that will be by their side during the darkest moments they encounter.


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