An escape from trauma


Traumas are an experience that seems unerasable to everyone. Like alarm clocks, they continuously remind us of how tough that second of our life was even when we try to snooze it out. Whether it’s by making us feel emotional, attacked, or even stronger, traumas form dents that are hard to recover. Even though one receives therapy, treatments, or finds another way to distract themselves from being reminded, traumas always stay within our conscious minds.

Reading Terry Sullivan’s story of how she was a witness during the shooting on her train ride, made me take a step back on how scary it must’ve been during that situation. In a way, she was really lucky to not have been one of the victims at that time as a great number of her fellow peers were injured unexpectedly. Coming from that experience, she has definitely struggled to keep up with her life as that moment probably terrorized her forever. One feels scared and apprehensive when they think about their traumas as it’s basically a nightmare played in reality.

For many, it’s hard to cope and release ourselves from these instances where we feel most vulnerable in our skin. Sometimes even the best clinics can’t help us grow from the horrific experience allowing us to stay shut and hurt inside.

I was really inspired to see that Terry could overcome her trauma by using art as an outlet from her terrifying past. Similarly, I use writing, an art form of literature, as a way for me to communicate my feelings and enter this euphoria when I don’t feel at ease.

It’s easy for people to automatically assume that professionals would be the best option when it comes to recovering, but really there are other ways to improve one’s mental and emotional margin. Whether it’s by writing a diary, playing an instrument, or even painting a picture can bring this sense of peace and calmness that many forget they need.

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