Lets lower health care costs for all


As our nation continues to grow, prices for health care, housing, and minimum wage are steadily increasing. Healthcare pricing, in particular, has definitely been a tough problem to find a joint agreement from both divisions of our society the lower class and the upper class. Obviously, for the upper class, they would want to raise health care costs because they are trying to gain profit and are sufficiently capable of paying the prices they demand. However, for the lower class, their situation is not as simple. In fact, for them, society must notice their call for help as many of them are not able to receive appropriate health care because of the extreme costs.

It’s sad but important to realize that top medical foundations are not so lenient on providing the best healthcare for the cost of the lower class desires. Because of this, it is only possible for those in the lower class to find other options than visiting these hospitals for care in the present and in the future.

For those who are looking to seek medical help or treatment at affordable prices, New York Times has recommended that people go to lower-priced community hospitals as they offer the same treatment with qualified doctors only at a cheaper price. However, with such a “perfect” deal comes many downfalls.

First, unlike teaching hospitals (hospitals that are affiliated with a medical school, in which medical students receive practical training), lower-priced community hospitals and outpatient centers lack the necessary equipment to perform certain procedures such as surgery. While teaching hospitals can obtain a more than sufficient amount of tools and gadgets for their patients, lower-end hospitals are struggling to do so with a lower budget. Because of this, there are also higher mortality rates in comparison to their more well-equipped competitors.

Some people even shed light on the idea of getting healthcare at the convenience of their homes arguing that it results in “fewer complications, higher satisfaction, and lower mortality”. This may actually be the best option.

Society has been blowing up in costs and it’s only going to get worse as time passes on. What may be best for people who struggle currently with paying for health care bills can be to become more reliant on home treatments and fewer visits to mainstream hospitals only when intense treatment really is necessary. It’s a hard decision to make but when you weigh out the pros and cons based on your current financial status, the best answer will surface for your bank account and your future.

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