The AMA is done seeing gun wounds


After the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida, I have witnessed many students stand up for their lives at risk. Organizing petitions on, performing the March For Our Lives campaign during school hours, and even seeing student speakers express their fears for society’s future, has been one of the most emotional movements ever in America.

Alongside the students, the American Medical Association (ADA) has also taken a major step to advocate their perspective on this topic of gun control. By advising a list of changes our government needs to initiate, they show their full handed support to the end of gun violence quite strongly. Continuing on, they also state their frustration of having to see so many victims wounded with gunshots and it would no longer be tolerated. By issuing their concerns to the government, people are starting to feel more passionate about changing America’s gun policy to be more strict and exclusive to select people for only reasonable purposes. With more engagement and vigor, this has been the most active Americans have been against gun violence in quite a long time.

But with all of this commotion and attention, America is still not responding to this need for change.

Although our nation is known for being the country with the highest number of gun homicides and suicides, we still fail to stand up against gun violence.

Although we have had on average 36,000 people die annually estimating about 96 people dying daily because of shootings, we still fail to stand up against gun violence.

Although we have had countless school shootings and numbers are increasing faster by the minute, we still fail to stand up against gun violence.

With all these statistics blatantly proving how detrimental this problem really is, why is nothing changing? It’s truly upsetting to see how half of our population still fails to notice how scary our nation is becoming for the adults and the youth. Like many have said, schools are a place for learning in a safe environment, not a playground for people to mindlessly hurt children. This is a serious problem and the AMA even recognizes that change is what we need right now.

How many more people need to die for our politicians to realize the severity of gun violence in our society? When will the government say enough is enough before it’s too late?

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