Migrant children want to feel like a normal child


The risk of leaving migrant children unexposed to their parents at such a young age is frightening and dangerous for their future. By separating them from their only supporter and confining them into a detention center, we are not protecting them but rather we are hurting them mentally. What a child wants most is someone to look after them and someone who can be there when they are scared or lost. Parents are an essential part of a child’s successful growth as they provide love, care, and a sense of protection that no other facility or individual can bring. Every child needs a parent to survive and foster a healthy life. Lately, ever since Trump has become the talk of politics in the US, his plan to separate migrant families has not been a surprise. With Trump’s administration policy intact, children are constantly seen ripped apart from their parents and taken into detention centers where they are trapped by themselves. According to the New York Times, there are 2,000 children held in these centers along the border isolated and kept hidden from the real world. With this separation in mind, psychologists have conducted some studies and research to see if mental problems could be linked to the environment these children have been placed in and results have proven so. The National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners has supported their results by saying that “Traumatic life experiences in childhood, especially those that involve loss of a caregiver or parent, cause lifelong risk for cardiovascular and mental health disease”. I completely agree. It is important for children as they are developing to be surrounded by their parents and associate. Without this stage of their life being conducted properly, higher risks of depression, anxiety, and far more severe mental disorders can amount because they lack the proper skills and emotional control that are necessary for everyday life. Mental problems are extremely hard to treat because they are formed from a deep traumatic experience. We shouldn’t be encouraging the chances of an increase in mental disorders because that’s not going to benefit anyone but make our society more dangerous. I believe that children of migrant families should not be constricted to this lifestyle as no real benefits reap from this program and only creates more danger for the individual themself and the rest of society.

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