Doctors need to change their motivation



For just one car accident rehabilitation, one muscle tear treatment, or one regular checkup, it costs an enormous amount of money and careful medication to get this job done. The medical industry is always looking to find ways doctors can treat patients efficiently and successfully without the hustle of making careless mistakes. Because so much money and time is invested in these long-term processes, doctors must be able to prescribe the correct medications and show improving results as their patients recover. But even with the best doctors, best medications, and best medical facilities, if the patient is not able to sustain a regular pattern of dosage, then no effect will be present. The social factors for lower-class individuals can really influence the patient’s ability to actually intake the medication properly. Living in a contaminated environment, an area with perpetual theft cases or an isolated area can deeply affect the efficiency of the medication immensely because patients are continuously disrupted by obstacles out of their control. With this in mind, the failure of the patients to recover and show positive results decreases and doctors have it harder to actually prove their skill is making a difference or a change. Nowadays doctors are getting paid based on how many patients they can treat and send off when really they should be getting paid based on how well they can serve their patients with the best treatment options possible. One of the main issues currently in the medical industry is that a lot of doctors are not paying attention to the well being of all their patients. By modifying the salary distribution guidelines, it will help society as a whole because it will motivate doctors to actually care for each and every patient regardless of their shaggy or luxurious background. By setting a goal for doctors to provide proper treatment for all, it will change the way our society looks on humanity issues where one’s life being saved is more exciting than the cash that rolls into their bank accounts. This is just one step closer to closing the poverty gap altogether.

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