The extinction of equality?


Equality has always been the basis of all our problems.

From gender-based wage discrimination to distinct bathrooms for LBGT, it is almost impossible to satisfy everyone’s demands and end with a balanced agreement for some of the most controversial issues present in our society. Because equality defines itself as fair for both parties, it never seems to be accomplished because there is always one side that loses more than what it gains.

To start off, the problem regarding gender-based wage discrimination is the fact that men are more likely to receive a higher salary than women for no valid reason. As a female, it does upset me to hear that a male employee can receive more pay than a female manager just because he is a man. In my opinion, gender shouldn’t justify what wage you receive because what’s more important for a business is to pay employees who are placed in higher positions or have more active roles and responsibilities in the progress of the company. While I may not agree with the current salary system, some can also argue that men do deserve more pay because they serve as the breadwinner of the household and the backbone of their family. It’s a debatable problem that doesn’t seem like a solution will satisfy both anytime soon. Another issue that has been talked about among the LGBT community is their right to enter bathrooms based on the gender they identify themselves as. This is probably one of the hardest topics to answer because I can understand both situations really clearly. As an LGBT it’s probably really hard to decide which bathroom to use if they feel a certain gender but don’t look like it. There have been many cases where a male or a female who is transgender enters the bathroom they feel is right for them but are sneered at because the public doesn’t see them in the same way. Some mothers who have left their children in bathrooms say it’s scary and frustrating to see LGBTs walk into the same bathroom as their child fearing that an incident could happen. This mindset is more than understandable because although it may be offensive for LGBTs if we let this rule slide than who knows what will happen to those who are not LGBT and take advantage of this reason for dangerous actions. However, at the same time, if we were to designate them into a separate bathroom it could be seen as direct discrimination and may turn LGBTs into social outcasts. Although we don’t want to hurt anyone, in reality, both sides will get hurt if either side is selected.

From both of these situations, we can see how reaching for equality is harder than it looks. Because both sides of an argument have different perspectives on equality, it never seems to work out unless one gives up. Equality and justice are two of the most fundamental ideas for America, yet it feels like we will never be able to really claim these values because of our differing outlooks.

It’s a sad, but bitter reality.

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