Therapists understand their patients better using a VR headset


Therapists spend most of their time trying to understand their patients and really connect with them on a personal level. Their main goal is to heal their clients who are struggling with mental disorders or traumas from experiences they have had in the past. In comparison to many other occupations out there, I feel like therapists have a different approach in their work ethic as they constantly have to be open and patient for them to succeed. It’s a very rewarding, yet slow process given that they have to wait and wait until their patients are ready to let go and become vulnerable in front of them. Because there are so many different types of clients ranging from those who are shy, very emotional, hot-tempered, to sometimes being emotionless, it forces therapists to broaden out their spectrum in ways they can help cure their patients in the best, most efficient way possible. Some prefer to complete a traditional sit-down talk while others prefer to do more engaging and active processes depending on what they feel more comfortable with. Aside from these methods, a rising treatment process that has become a hot issue lately involves the use of a VR headset from Limbix which allows patients to virtually simulate their traumatic experience while still feeling safe. By giving them the chance to participate in these virtual scenes, it gives therapists a more accurate description of what emotions their patients are feeling and how to treat them based on how passionate they felt from the experience. Not only can these devices be used to help for recovery from trauma but it can also be a chance for people to combat their fears and weaknesses such as placing a person on the top of a building to get rid of their fear of heights. Although these VR headsets have been the rage ever since they were introduced in the gaming world, I feel like they are really becoming a beneficial tool for therapists and psychologists the most out of all the other interested industries.


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