Abortion…is it moral or is it right?


Abortion has always been a continuous battle between ethics and human rights. Ethically speaking, abortion is a degree of murder because it’s an act of deliberately killing another human being just this time it happens to be a baby. Although it may seem cruel to acknowledge, labeling this process as “murder” isn’t the most unrealistic title. Many of the people who support this side of making abortion illegal in the United States are driven by the fact that they believe each and every life should be protected regardless of how they came to be. To them, life is more important than any excuse or claim a mother makes even if they received the baby through the most terrifying conditions. However, on the other side, many argue that everyone has the right to decide whether they want to be held responsible for a child they may have not wanted for various reasons. For example, if one was pressured to have a baby under sexual harassment, it wouldn’t be in their interest to give birth because they would feel as if they are worth nothing but a machine that produces babies. Because many of the cases regarding abortion has come from women who have been abused, it is hard to say no to it because they feel as if their opinion isn’t respected. Studies from the National Academies of Sciences have shown that “three-quarters of women who have abortions are poor or low-income, and 61 percent are women of color.” This just shows why many are still arguing for abortion to be legal in the country not wanting to suffer the consequences they did not sign up for. With this ongoing battle since the past decade, our nation has still failed to reach an agreement on which position is best because both sides are very passionate about their opinions. However, although there is no major decision being brought to the table, I have seen scientists and doctors showing support for making abortion illegal because they are stating that nowadays, there are ways to prevent contraception before it reaches the final decision in the first place. If this is true, then there are a lot higher chances of abortion becoming illegal in the US in the future. However before we jump to conclusions, we also have to understand that just because these methods are available, they may not work for everybody because everyone has a different body that may not work well with these medications that doctors say will be enough to end this debate of abortion. So what do you think?

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