Why our vote counts


The politicians seated in our government determine the fate of our country. The power they have against certain laws, protests, or other controversial issues are completely in their hands allowing them to pretty much have the upper hand in deciding what’s best for the nation. As the elected leaders of America, they indirectly dictate our lives by every decision they make and every paper they sign. For some, their decisions could be beneficial but for others, it could be an unexpected slap in the face. By living in a democratic country, we are given this opportunity to vote for the candidates we want to see as the nation’s representatives thus having a voice in the formal election. However, although many are aware of how valuable it is to be able to vote, many people are not taking advantage of this privilege. Because of this, it creates a more rigged political line up that doesn’t follow the idea of representing the country as a whole. According to the U.S. Elections Project in the latest 2016 election featuring Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, “About 100 million people couldn’t be bothered to vote that year and roughly 43 percent of eligible voters didn’t bother filling out a ballot that year.” This is a serious problem because it shows that a major population of Americans is no longer finding interest in participating in such an important election that decides the country’s future. It may be hard to believe, but one vote truly makes a difference and will create an overwhelming impact if everyone takes the time to cast a vote for the candidate they feel fits better for the job. The election is the one time where Americans can have the chance to state their stance on what justice should look like before voted politicians have complete control. Instead of complaining about the decisions that are being made right now, why not take a step in changing the future by voting so that this issue may never repeat in our country’s history.

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