LGBTQ has unintentionally split our country into two


The United States has always emphasized the idea of equality among individuals. Whether it’s skin color, religious beliefs, gender identity, or other personal aspects, our country has been working to promote unity and peace to become closer as a nation. In recent years, the young generation has been especially active in welcoming the LGBTQ community along with other demands such as tighter gun control measures and racial discrimination. With a growing number of influencers starting to open up about their true gender identities, the community has expanded exponentially and continues to remain steadfast in our society. Lately, because of this uprising, the country has been chaotic ever since. Although this community currently has the largest number of supporters ever, there is still a large population of people who find them to be “barbarians” of humanity. Sadly, the controversy regarding the LGBTQ community doesn’t seem to go away anytime soon. Scrolling through news outlets, there are hundreds of articles with cases of discrimination and offenses against LGBTQs. One recent case was about an LGBTQ who walked into a CVS pharmacy to pick up her hormone therapy medication but was welcomed with a slander of questions and attitude from the pharmacist instead. Feeling violated and humiliated she filed a complaint against the pharmacist who denied her medical request unfairly. In this situation, we can see how both parties had such different perspectives on this LGBTQ problem based on how they treated each other. In the pharmacist’s perspective, she may have felt uncomfortable with her customer knowing the situation, but at the same time, from the customer’s perspective, she may have felt embarrassed because she was exposed so publicly. From this, we can see how our society has slowly been splitting into two different groups due to our contrasting opinions on this LGBTQ problem. Although many are working hard to unite the country as one, it doesn’t seem like we will reach this position any time soon.

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