The most humble, yet most successful business mindset


Lately, I’ve been reading Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs and it has given me many important maxims to keep in mind. I really admire this book because it teaches me how to achieve success in our society that has become so competitive over the past few years. Learning to “Think Different” and stand out from others has inspired me to push past my boundaries and listen to myself instead of looking up to others for decisions. Besides giving me personal strength, I found this book to be valuable for those who are looking to become businessmen because it shares the importance of one’s mindset to achieve true success. From my perspective, motivation is the engine of a car that initiates the beginning of our journey to the finish line. It gives us strength, encouragement, and hope that it is necessary for us to keep going even when collisions or accidents may come upon the road. From this book, I have seen countless CEOs who have ventured into the business world in hopes of making money and becoming a multi-millionaire only to fall apart after just a few years in the market. Although they had the motivation to succeed, what made them fail in the end? It’s because of their goal in their motivation. Simply speaking, their goal was not fulfilling enough to push them. For many business startups, their main goal is to make a certain amount of money and become rich in an instant. However, because they are so focused on increasing their profits number by number, they are blinded by the fact that to become wealthy their services or products have to be worth the money they want. If we look at Steve, his main motivation to become a successful businessman was not the money or fame, but his desire to make the best products for the mass market no matter how much money from his pocket it takes. Throughout his journey, he came across many road bumps, however, because he stuck to this mindset, in the end, he reached the success that no one in the tech world could ever fathom he would complete. It’s important for entrepreneurs that are new to the business world, to not be so motivated by money because it will only demotivate them to work harder when money doesn’t come in their wallet.

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