The reality of life


Life isn’t always a smooth path. Hoping for unlimited happiness and no hardships are asking for the impossible. We inevitably come across days where we feel alone, tired, destroyed, humiliated, angered, and even lost, but eventually, life moves on. Though at the moment, it may seem like we are stuck in a forever ending cycle of darkness, the light at the end of the tunnel comes faster to us when we least expect it. Life has a way of always making us feel like we’re on a rollercoaster, encountering ups and downs at the most unexpected times. Reaching our highs when we are at our lowest, and falling to our lows when we are at our highest. No one in this world has been gifted with indefinite happiness and likewise, there is no one in this world who has been gifted with indefinite sadness. When we feel discouraged of our worth, we need to realize that everyone is fighting their own battle as well it’s just that we’re not aware of it. Although one may seem completely fine, in reality, they could actually be hiding their pain through a mask that appears as a smile. Life isn’t like a movie. It isn’t a rolling film that is guaranteed to be a certain way. Even when we feel like life is too hard to endure, just remember that life isn’t a one-way street and that many opportunities are bound to come during your journey.

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