Breaking out of our shells


Humans are like seeds. Hard on the outside, yet soft and hollow on the inside.

Hiding behind this smiling mask of confidence, many people hide their troubles from the world to make it seem as if they are completely fine for fear of being looked down upon. Many tend to avoid becoming vulnerable to the public because they know how society likes to poke at their weaknesses and try to take any opportunity to break them down. Because society has such a strict standard, it makes it really hard for people to open up and share their true colors for fear of being judged. The looks and stares people give off is probably the most painful thing to experience because it makes people feel as if they are not welcomed or an outcast in the presence of the public. The reason trends have become such an important part of society is because it dictates what everyone should do, should wear, and should become to feel as if they are not different from everyone else. Because of this, more and more people are losing originality and uniqueness from who they really are.

We are slowly becoming seeds, hardening our outside selves as someone who we really aren’t and showing a similar image that everyone encompasses. However, on the inside, our true selves are intact, yet it can’t penetrate our exterior because we have no confidence in our qualities. Eventually, in the future, I hope everyone can grow out of their shells and become flowers of all different colors and styles to show that personal uniqueness is much more valuable and important than what society demands from us.

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