The cheerleaders of our life


Friends are like batteries that recharge us when we feel down or depressed. Always staying by our side, they are truly an existence that cannot be replaced with anything else in the world. Listening to us when we need to rant, giving advice when we are lost, or even reassuring us that we are not alone in this journey is what makes friends so valuable in our everyday life. Throughout our busy days, we come across many hardships that lead us to feel discouraged and unmotivated to move on. This is when friends come in to cheer us up and let us know that they are there for us and that they will never stop being by our side. When we are intoxicated with anger or fury they come by and filter our minds by giving us a chance to relieve our stress whether it’s by spending time together or just listening to us go on and on and on. When we feel hopeless, they come by with a box of tissues and messages filled with lines of love that allow us to recover from our bruised day that we just experienced. When we are confused and feel as if we are stuck in a labyrinth, they provide the way out by offering their hand. When we feel like we are in total darkness, they bring light by making us laugh and realize that we are all in this together. Friends are truly a remarkable creation that was handcrafted for us to feel the strength in times of distress. Although we have family and relatives to talk to, the bond with our friends is much more unique and powerful. Even the strongest drugs or medications cannot beat the formidable power of reassurance that friends bring to our saddened days. Friends are the cheerleaders that everyone needs in their life and it’s no surprise that those who build stronger friendships live longer because they are happier.

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