The dark facet of the media


With one negative remark from the media, one’s life or reputation can be ruined forever. Because the public easily gets swayed by rumors and news outlets who claim to provide only “unbiased” information, if anyone gets stuck in something controversial their future can drop in an instant. What makes the media so scary, is the fact that it has so much power that it can change everyone’s perspective without really needing a logical explanation. Even if evidence may be lacking or facts may not have been proven, if the media believes an issue needs to be garnered with negative attention, they can drop a bomb on the internet and explode the situation to something ten times worse than it really is. A twist of words and a touch of false reality is an exact definition of what the media tends to do. Instead of sharing information that may beneficially serve society, it always finds some way to create a frenzy in our already busy lives by spreading rumors that are obviously unnecessary. What makes them truly unstoppable is the fact that they feed off of the excited and angered responses from the public. With such a huge response, they take that in as a sign to pour more oil on a fire that is already big enough, thus blowing things out of proportions to satisfy both them and the public who crave more information. The media is a scary force that shows no mercy because there is no such thing as “mercy” in their dictionary.

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