An opportunity to those who weren’t given a chance


Silicon Valley has a large working tech force, built upon thousands of employees who focus on STEM and engineering to succeed in the industry. Because this area is dense with tech-related work fields such as Google and Apple, many aspiring engineers crowd around here to look for a job that is open to them. Based on their skills and expertise, only a certain number of people get selected annually thus making the competition for a spot in the company to be that much more competitive. However, as I have said before just because one fails to snatch up an opportunity, doesn’t mean they don’t have enough skills or potential it’s just that there’s not enough room for everyone. With this in mind, many engineers get cut off day by day, failing to receive the recognition they deserve as hard-working people. Because this issue is becoming increasingly more serious, a foundation called “The Pioneer Fund” has been initiated to provide this vital chance for high-potential engineers to nurture themselves and gain an experience they missed out on. By sharing projects with each other and evaluating them repetitively, not only will they widen their skill set but also gain a new mentality that will motivate them to keep pursuing their ambition to become engineers in the later future. I love how this foundation is helping discouraged individuals become more confident and well-rounded as well as promoting this idea of expanding the opportunity gap that America is having a hard time dealing with especially in Silicon Valley. It’s reassuring to see people working to give others light and opportunity for their dreams in this so highly competitive world where everyone is so focused on themselves and only their well-being.


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