Women are like the underclassmen on a college campus


“But my voice also made me invisible. I was frequently interrupted and talked over, especially by men, and especially at work. I had to fight harder to make a point. Early in my professional life, I was sometimes simply squeezed into silence.” (McBee)

This is the reality that most women face day by day.

While some may claim that in these past few years, women have gained more rights than they have ever had before, that doesn’t justify why women should still be treated differently than men. Back then, as women, we had no rights; no right to vote, speak or cherish an opinion on anything. We were never respected, never listened to nor given a chance to make choices on our own. Simply speaking we weren’t even treated as humans, we were just “maids” or “servants” living in a world where men were in the top tier of society. Now times have changed, but we as women still lack power. We are often forgotten, ridiculed, ignored, and denied of our presence because we represent the minority group in our gender-based population. I don’t understand why women are looked so down upon as figures of weakness and despair when we never asked for such a title in the first place. We rarely receive chances to prove ourselves to show how much potential we have because our society is so dictated by men who feel that they are more important. While many may argue that women should be grateful for the current system that’s just a selfish way to say that women should stop asking for more freedom and stick to the lower status lifestyle that has been accepted decades ago. We have moved forward in the car, tech, and health industry but why is at women’s status in society has been unwavering in comparison? All in all, I’m not asking for men to lower their number of rights to balance the scale with women, but I’m begging for a change, a rise in respect for women who are still seen as the “underclassmen” on a college campus.

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