Lover Held at Gunpoint


One’s lover is caring, kind, and loyal in a relationship. It’s a person who exceeds the label of “best friend” often reaching levels of intimacy not present in average friendships. But, what happens if this intimate connection surmises to violence, jealousy, and danger to one another? Psychologically, this can be a recipe for mental disturbances and other severe traumas.

Depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and eating disorders are all byproducts of toxic experiences most commonly rooted in discouraging relationships. One may assume that parents, friends, or other variables such as school are the major triggers to such cases of deteriorating mental health, however, dating relationships usually amount to the greatest number of consequences instead. Not only do these toxic relationships cause health issues mentally, but they also permit serious physical conflicts as well. When a relationship becomes too tensed up, even death is a viable result that can occur within moments of anger and pain fails to subside quick enough.

In fact, according to an earlier study done in 2016, more than 90% of adolescents girls have been murdered by their own intimate partner from 2013 to 2016. Yes, more than 90%.

This is a serious issue to be accounted for by everyone in a relationship or not in a relationship, as this serves as a red flag warning of how adolescents these days, especially girls, are pursuing “love”. Love is not a concept to be taken lightly as the wrong mentality and attitude can precipitate detrimental problems in an instant. As a growing youth generation, we need to learn how to respect one another and promote healthy connections so that the future can be safer for everyone.

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